Recommended Great Reads

Thought I would do a list of books I've recently read and would recommend to others. I'm partial to Happily Ever After stories, so be prepared for a list of wonderful romance novels, but I do love a variety of genres and will try to include other great reads. Send me a note if you have a recent favorite that you would like to recommend.

TRUTH OR BEARD - Penny Reid (Contemporary Romance)

Loved the story line and the amazing writing. The author makes hillbilly names sound so romantic and her characters draw you in. Lots of great humor and the kind of book that makes you sad when its done.

A HOUSE IN THE SKY - Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett (Non-Fiction)

This is the memoir of Amanda Lindhout who was held captive for fifteen months in Somalia. A remarkable and brave woman who grew up in places near my home. This non-fiction book is a beautifully written account of Ms. Lindhout’s horrendous ordeal as a hostage. It’s both raw and honest as it lays out her despair and hope. Ms. Lindhout’s survival is a testament to the human spirit. I would highly recommend this book. Grateful for my friend who recommended this.

BREAK THE LINE – Allison Mullinax (Contemporary Romance)

I’ve read hundreds of contemporary romance novels, but this was the first one I read about a fisherman. Within a few pages, this fisherman had me hooked and left me wanting more protagonists like Benson Howell. I love that he is not your average protagonist and how he works his way into Danni-Rose’s life. Author Allison Mullinax writes a beautiful yet unexpected love story. It’s full of layers and twists which had me not only rooting for Benson and Danni-Rose, but also for her other characters. Break the Line is a well-written novel that addresses the messiness of life in a genuine and heartfelt way. I would highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading Allison’s next novel.

This is the author's debut novel. Just downloaded this yesterday and I'm eager to start reading this sweet romance . My fellow authors are raving about this one and I'm sure I will too.

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